Common Networks Lab programs


Basic Networks lab commands ( lab programs)
Implement the following using C: 1. OSI Model (Encapsulation and Decapsulation process)
2. Data Link framing methods
a) Character count
b) Bit stuffing and de-stuffing
c) Character stuffing and de-stuffing
3. Generation of CRC
4. Checksum calculation
5. Hamming code generation
6. Simulation of Sliding Window Protocol

Introduction to Socket Programming
7. Chat application using TCP/IP.
8. Develop a TCP client/server application for transferring a text file from client to server.
9. Implement a TCP-based server program to authenticate the client’s Username and Password. The authenticity of the client must be sent as the reply message to the client and display the same on the standard output.
10. Implement a message transfer from client to server process using UDP.
11. Implement an Echo UDP server. Test the working of the server by writing a client application.

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